Rancang Bangun Alat Pemotong Bawang Dengan Kapasitas 1 kg / Menit Dengan Memanfaatkan Accu 12 Volt

Giwang Praba Pinandita


Design and build an onion cutter with a 12 volt DC motor using a 12 volt battery (accumulator) with the aim of easing the burden on the community in cutting onions which previously still used the manual method. The energy used is in the form of a 12 volt battery (accumulator) that has been charged and is ready to use. By using energy from a 12 volt battery, it is hoped that it will save more electricity. For the driving motor, it uses a type 775 dc motor so that it requires low power consumption and is efficient. The power from the type 775 dc motor is transmitted using a pulley type transmission and a type A 53 v-belt which can rotate the blade disc and is ready to use and also uses a dc motor speed controller that functions to regulate the current output from a 12 volt battery which will be forwarded to a type dc motor. 775 so that the desired rotation can be achieved at 308 rpm. In the test using red onions that have been peeled off, then washed clean to keep them hygienic. Testing with a 12 volt dc motor rpm type 775 at 1100 rpm, after going through the pulley and v-belt, the rotation produced on the disc shaft is 308 rpm. In the test within 15 seconds it produces 146 grams of sliced shallots, and the test within 1 minute produces 1 kg slices requires 86.30 watts of power. However, basically the tools designed are able to approach the desired capacity at the beginning of the design.

Keywords: onion cutter, using 12 volt battery


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DOI: 10.24269/jkt.v7i2.2260


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